Susan Kevra called for us in 2014.

31st Annual
Ralph Page Dance Weekend

January 12-14, 2018

Note Recent Parking Changes

The Ralph Page Dance Weekend is held at the main campus of the University of New Hampshire in Durham New Hampshire. The registration desk and most of the RPDW events take place in the Memorial Union Building (MUB), at 83 Main Street, Durham, NH.

Parking for the Memorial Union Building in Campus Crossing Visitor Lot, on Mill Road, is now paid parking with meters to feed. Parking in Lot B is free, but a bit longer walk. Parking along Main Street is also free. Check the Parking Map.

The University of New Hampshire provides many excellent maps to help you find the university and to find your way around when you get there. The UNH Dimond Library may be of particular interest, as it contins the New Hampshire library of Traditional Music & Dance, and a special exhibit on traditional dance this year (2016). The library is a short walk from the Memorial Union Building where the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend is held.

These 2 maps may be the best to find your way around campus. Note that C lot - where all Ralph Page vistors should plan to park, is now called the "Campus Crossing Visitor Lot". It's a short walk from there to the Memorial Union Building, where it all happens.