Pete's Posse, 2016 staff performers

31st Annual
Ralph Page Dance Weekend

January 12-14, 2018


Registration Form

** Online Registration through PayPal **

Weekend Registration

Either register online, or use this registration form and US Mail to preregister for the whole weekend, or some part of it. Note that online registration can not be used if you plan to use the work exchange discount, or if you get a scholarship. After filling out the form, and including your check, mail them to the RPDW Registar as instructed on the form.


Consider the following discounts, especially if you need a reduced rate in order to attend the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend.

Individual Sessions

If you are only free for part of the weekend, consider the following, separately priced sessions. Individual sessions may be paid for at the door, or by preregistration. Prices are reduced for young and student attendees. Nametags will be made for those who preregister.


Meals are an additional cost, and they are only available by preregistration, online, or by mail. See the registration form, or online registration page for details. We regret that aside from a basic vegetarian option, we cannot accomidate other special diatary needs. Registrations that include meals must be received (or cancelled) by December 26, 2017..







Work Exchange



Sponsored by the Milne Special Collections, UNH Library and the New England Folk Festival Association.